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Unite Campaign

About This Project

Challenge: Create an awareness campaign that addresses negative misperceptions of the Washougal community.


Solution: Unite Washougal Coalition is a data-driven organization powered by citizens who believe in programs that foster healthy families and youth. Through the use of community surveys, Unite Washougal discovered a discrepancy regarding youth consumption of drugs and alcohol. The surveys found that it was a popular belief among the local and surrounding communities that substance abuse was abundant among the youth of Washougal while, in fact, this wasn’t true. As a result, we joined forces with Unite to develop an awareness campaign highlighting the facts about local drug and alcohol abuse. We also wanted to establish a sense of pride in Washougal, hence the adoption of the slogan “We Are Washougal.” The website was transformed into a transparent gathering place for local businesses and organizations. With the goal of connecting and sharing resources, unitewashougal.org addresses the needs of the community in a collaborative way.


With the help of Washougal School District, we were able to create a series of posters featuring statistics gathered by a recent youth survey. The campaign was designed to unify the local student body in solidarity against substance abuse. With the question “Who do you want to be?” we have personalized the message for each student while giving them a voice of empowerment.


Services: Promotional campaign, website design, and email template

My Role: User Experience Designer

Team Member: Jung Ie Han, UX/UI Designer


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